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Seminar Presentations

We will start with the seminar presentations next week (3rd March). Please see groups below and confirm topic by Thursday 28th February with Orestis.

Seminar Presentation – 35%
Due: Weeks of 3rd and 10th of March
20 minute group presentation
Archived knowledge base in blog (10%) – create 1 post per topic/presentation and clearly identify its authors.
All students need to present and to contribute to the knowledge base.


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Next Critical Listening Session:
Thursday 1:10pm, Sonic Lab – Duo Contour Concert.
Thursday 2:30pm, Workshop with Duo Contour

First part (2.30pm – 3.15pm):
Some of our BMus performers will be playing for the duo and for the general audience.

Second part (3.15pm – 4.30pm):
The duo will give a general audience talk about their work using extended techniques and new technologies.

We will discuss the concert and workshop next Monday during the usual lecture slot. Please prepare short comments on the following for discussion and enter them in the blog:

– Describe the relationship between trumpet, percussion and electronics in one piece.
– Summarize language used in the feedback given to performers during the first part of the workshop
– Discuss one technique, approach or technology addressed in the second part of the workshop

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Hello. My name is Paul Stapleton, and I will be co-delivering Critical Listening with Pedro Rebelo and Orestis Karamanlis. Please make use of this blog as an open diary and discussion forum on topics and performance events which relate to your course study.

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The title and focus of this blog has now changed to Critical Listening.

All previous posts relate to the Performance Workshop 1 module.

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Is anyone interested in meeting up to have a chat about the set books at some point during the day? Comment here if so

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Hello all,

Is anyone interested in performing a 15 minute improvised piece this Wednesday (31st October)?

I have a couple of people already enlisted, but would like a couple more. The performance would be in the morning, just before the Performance Workshop class in the Music Building.

Please get in touch with me as soon as possible via this post or one of the following email addresses –



Thanks in advance for any replies,


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