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Frst of all I want to state that this post could be tied with the post on classical training and improvisation so I suggest you check that out too. “Why listen to you?!” I hear the masses cry….I dunno, sounds like a right old laugh. Anyway I think we can all agree that any preconsceptions of what improvisation is that we might have had before september have now all but disappeared, lost forever and never to return. Focussing primarily on the type of improvisation that we have been doing in class I want to ask everyone how important (if at all) is technical proficiency on an instrument to being able to improvise effectively. Obviously improvisation in the form of playing a solo over other instruments in a song can vary greaty in the amount of expertise required to play it but how much of it is actually improvised whenever it is bound by tempo, style, key, time signature etc. ? So I feel compelled to get everyones opinion on this issue. Does it really matter how many scales you can play or how many notes you can hit in a second when it comes to improvising?


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What are the parameters which help differentiate between a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ improvisation of music/sound other than your own personal likes and dislikes?

Today in class I asked myself, how can we be graded/marked on our ability to improvise? I have never heard of any set of specific features/parameters which must be present in order to achieve a ‘good’ improvisation. It can’t even be defined on the bases of the musicans ability to wield their instrument, note John Cage and 4’33”, which in my opinion could be seen as one of the most revolutionary improvisations of our time. (See “The Material of Music is Sound and Silence”, response 6)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so how can a “movement that is created spontaneously, ranging from free-form to highly structured environments, but always with the element of chance” be judged on any level other than one that is bias and has no factual foundation on which the opinion is justly founded?

Maybe this is a question I should have addressed to Paul or Franziska, but I thought it would be an interesting topic to open it up to the floor. So really my overall question is… How can improv be catagoried in a way that is not subject to bias, and if it can be, does this not take away from the improvised element of the performance, as this suggested structure to something that in my opinion is not subject to anything other than the tastes of the performer(s)?

P.s. Paul and/or Franziska, your not allowed to opt out by saying, “We are your tutors and what we say goes!” Hahahahahaha!!!

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As far as I can remember the initial question was “Is this a concert?”. Google defines a concert as “A public performance of music” so how do you actually define music? It it simple a personal perception, or does it have recipe which must be consulted before it can be created?

Let the debate begin……. Muhahahahahahahaha!!!

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