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Today my musical career was in the pink rabbit hands of duracell; keeping my hand fan going on and on and on. On a serious note I really enjoyed the group exercises that we did today, its amazing what a few people can do with random objects and simple inter-linking, complementing rhythms. One has to ask where the proverbial line can be drawn between an instrument and a piece of rubbish. Does such a line exist? Or is anything and everything a potential instrument?…..just add people


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“… Integrating these is composing. I have nothing to say and I am saying it…” (John Cage).

I think you should all have a look at this YouTube performance of the Cage piece (4’33”) we discussed last week.
Here is the orchestral version of it. Also nice. 4’33”. Note the audience’s and orchestra’s reactions in-between movements!!! And of course the applause in the Barbican Hall at the end of the work. Astounding!

And then this version which I don’t find very convincing. What are your views on this?

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music is:

music is a combination of sounds spread over a period of time.

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As far as I can remember the initial question was “Is this a concert?”. Google defines a concert as “A public performance of music” so how do you actually define music? It it simple a personal perception, or does it have recipe which must be consulted before it can be created?

Let the debate begin……. Muhahahahahahahaha!!!

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