– A genre of music that differs from mainstream (pop, rock, dance R&B etc…) and has become an umbrella term that now encompasses a wide variety of genres:

  • Grunge, Britpop, Indie pop/ rock, Goth rock, Industrial, Glam Rock, Art Rock, Progressive rock, Acoustic pop, ‘Nu’ metal. Continue Reading »

Hello listeners, this Group 2’s presentation on THE VOICE in blog format.


Group 2 – John Close, Philip Crane, John D’Arcy, Shannon Doherty, Paul Elliot

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Modern Metal

Clever music?

Downtuned – Evolution of instruments (8 String Guitar/6 String Bass for lower tuning)
Drop Tunings – Drop D/C, regular guitar tuning with low “E” string lowered a tone
Experimental Open Tunings – Strapping Young Lad (open C Tuning) Continue Reading »

Hey everyone… Group 7 with ‘Music in Visuals’ is here!
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People generally see the rhythm section as the drummer as he/she is not playing an instrument that adds melody to the piece therefore his aim must be for the rhythm.

However it can be a whole variety of instruments that can be placed in the rhythm section. Therefore it can be said that the instrumentation and characteristics of the rhythm section is strongly related to the genre.

Our main aim is to study 4 different genres of music (Classical, Heavy Metal, Jazz / Funk & Flamenco) and portray the role which the rhythm section plays within each one. Continue Reading »

‘Plagiarism’ is the practice of claiming or implying original authorship of (or incorporating material from) someone else’s written or creative work, in whole or in part, into one’s own without adequate acknowledgement – the issue of false attribution.

Musical ‘imitation’ is when a musical gesture is repeated later in a different form, but retaining its original character. Continue Reading »