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Please make sure to label your posts with the appropriate category(s). For example:

  • use the ‘review’ category for your review comparing the use of improvisation in at least two concerts (see Project 1);
  • use the ‘introduction’ category on your first post;
  • use the ‘improvisation’ category to discuss a specific improvisation or improvisation in general;
  • use the ‘tagent’ category for a post that does not seemingly relate to anything specific, but that you feel may somehow be of value or interest.

Also, feel free to suggest new categories by adding a comment to this post.

[Update 26 Sep 07: It appear that you can now add your own keywords that are not listed in the category section by adding tags. You can add tags to your post when you are writing them or when you edit them latter. The tag window is just below the window that you use for typing in the content of your post.]

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